About Us

Our names are Garrett & Kayla Tonner and together we started The Golden Family Retrievers! Our family has a long history in the agriculture industry and we can proudly say that we are part of it. Although grain farming and livestock may be our livelihood, golden retrievers are our passion! Our goal is to provide quality puppies as well as providing forever friendships with families who choose to become part of The Golden Family.

We married in 2017 and shortly after we wanted to expand and welcome a dog into our family. We both shared a love for the golden retriever breed so, the hunt began. As we were digging deeper into our search, it was easy to see the differences among breeders in our area. We had envisioned a breeder would look like, but it was not easy.

The characteristics we wanted to find in a breeder would be those that not only cared for the animals like family, but to treat their customers as family as well. Gaining a new member into the family is a BIG commitment and to know you have a breeder to help guide you through the process and development of the dog is very reassuring.

The characteristics we wanted to find in a puppy were that of great quality, health, and temperament. Knowing this is what we wanted in our breeders, we assumed many others were searching for the same things. Discovering there was a lack of this in our area of Indiana we made it our mission to provide a dog adoption process where you feel a part of a family.

Finding the right puppy for your family, and assisting in all the training, grooming, and nutritional needs is our top priority. As the puppy grows and develops we will always be your point of contact for any questions in the developmental stages. Become a part of the Golden Family!